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Unleash the power of Group Coaching, One-to-One Coaching and Psychometric/Personality Testing to help you take control of your life and make sustainable change happen.
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Its time to swim ashore.

So you’ve been burning energy swimming against the tide for sometime now? Change needs to happen and you need to reach the shore, you are in no doubt about that. You can see generally where you want to go but it always seems to be just beyond the horizon. You’ve plotted courses in the past but the current is strong and you tire, pushing you ever further away. Is it the right destination for me? Should I change course? Why can’t I commit to my destination and just swim ashore?

CoachWorks is Dublin’s premier Coaching Centre and this analogy represents the dilemmas many of our clients face everyday.

Coaching Psychology teaches us that we all possess vast resources for altering our self-concept, attitudes and behaviour. We have a remarkable capacity for self-healing and personal growth. Our ability to tap into these resources at will determines how we write our life story.

However, sometimes our story is not what we want it to be and we need help rewriting our narrative. Athletes employ the services of a coach to help them tap into their resources.. With CoachWorks, now you too can also more easily tap into your vast resources. By identifying your true passions and your own natural strengths, you will generate the kind of insight and self awareness that is vital for your success story.

Whether you crave change in your lifestyle, career path, your relationships or just a burning desire to achieve a personal milestone in your life, CoachWorks will partner with you to help you change your life.

Contact us today, there’s no time to waste. It’s time to rewrite your story, swim through the current and finally come ashore at your right destination. You deserve it!

CoachWorks can give you clarity on:

What you value most in your life?
What in your current reality you want to change for the better?
What obstacles currently exist that are proving too difficult climb alone?
What new ways of thinking can you adopt to support the changes you want to make in your life?

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CoachWorks Services

Select the Coaching path that is right for you.
Group Coaching is a powerful and affordable approach to identifying your goals and creating actions plans to achieve them in a safe and supportive group environment. Be part of a small group of like minded individuals, all working together to support each other is achieving your own personal goals. Facilitated by a professional coach, you will develop new skills and capabilities and learn through exchange and interaction with each other.
Imagine waking up and feeling confident about your direction in life! It’s absolutely possible; in fact, with some thought and effort, it’s certain! Coaching is a great way of creating a wonderfully fulfilling life. Improve your overall performance, change direction effectively, create achievable goals, and make the right changes for you.
A personality test is a tool used to assess human personality. Personality testing and assessment refer to techniques designed to measure the traits that you exhibit across various situations. Personality tests can be used to help you clarify the need for change in your life. They can guide coaching interventions, and help predict how you may respond in different situations.

YOUR COACH WORKSAt CoachWorks we think outside of the box

CoachWorks knows great innovation comes from
Agile Teams

Great Agile Coaches help their team achieve more than those teams could ever do alone. They take the team beyond performing agile practices to motivating them to independent learning, self-improvement and collectively striving for excellence.

Ray is a fantastic life coach. He'll cut right through the smoke and really help you become the person you need to be in order to reach your goals. I've worked with a lot of life and career coaches, but Ray has something special I can't describe. I strongly recommend him.
Elsie-Rose KaneLoopBack
The Executive Leadership Program has been an exciting and rewarding experience since day one. This challenging program, complimented by Ray’s knowledge and enthusiasm, has helped my growth as a leader.
Glenn Laurel
Ray, is a fantastic, warm person, who truly cares about bringing the best out of everyone. The experience makes you really challenge yourself and take you out of your comfort zone. I've already sent 2 other colleagues to Ray, and both could not be more appreciative.
John Turner
After working with Ray, our team was transformed. There was trust, openness and genuine camaraderie that hadn't existed in so long, I'm not sure the team ever had it before. My Chief People Officer asked me how I turned the team around, I simply said "Ray is the secret sauce". I highly recommend Head Coach for Agile Coaching!

READY TO SEIZE CONTROL?The CoachWorks approach is holistic and action oriented.